Christopher Hemming


Christopher Hemming has a PhD in Chemical Physics, and has been building statistical models since before he entered university. Chris helps the team set up infrastructure that can quantify information, decisions, risks and probability over millions of runs.

Justin Girard


Justin is an experienced Software Engineer and Software Architect with over a decade of experience in product leadership positions. He has been a back-end developer and CTO of two start-ups before Pax Cultura Studios, one of which was exited within two years. He has also worked as a Developer and Architect in various engineering companies including Thales Systems Canada, and has held Process Analysis roles for medium sized corporations such as Harris Interactive Inc. In 2014 Justin returned to school to complete a Masters in Aerospace Engineering, where he published two journal papers, all related to the intersection of Reinforcement Learning, Machine Learning, Sensor Fusion and Predictive Analysis. He has lectured Algorithm Analysis at the University of Toronto. Talk to Justin about Robotics, Machine Learning, Software Design patterns and process analysis.

Sal Vivona


Sal is a hardened data scientist and algorithm developer from the University of Toronto. He runs tests, comes up with novel ideas, and is familiar with the most leading edge frameworks in existence today.